amanda (shini02) wrote in prince_nataku,


Title: Let Me Let Go
Fandom: Saiyuki
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst
Character: Nataku
Warnings: Spoiler-ish, yaoi-ish (if you squint really hard)
Summary: Even in the void of coma, his is a tortured soul.

The Killing Puppet sometimes remembers things. He would like to think they're memories, anyway. He sees himself with a boy, a boy that was one in a million, yet they were one in the same. He remembers feeling at peace when the nameless boy smiled at him. He remembers playing and having fun with that boy. He remembers feeling alive.

He can't move or speak or see or listen, but he can feel. He can feel his heart breaking with every memory. Every memory he wishes he could forget. If he forgets, maybe then he can truly be at peace.
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