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.prince of war- nataku

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.war god- official toushin nataku taishi community
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This page is dedicated to the Prince of War, Nataku, from Saiyuki. A boy that was created for the sole purporse to battle and to murder for the gods of Tenkai- and used to bring his creator, Li, to higher ranks. But later on, the boy creates a friendship with Son Goku.

Here you may post fanfics, fanart, pictures, icons, etc on Nataku or the Gaiden series.

Whoever is a Nataku fan, Shien fan, Son Goku fan, or just a fan of the Gaiden series, you are welcome to join! =^^=

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1- Please, do not flame, or insult anyone in any manner. Be respectful to all members.
2- If you post pictures (including fanart, screenshots, etc), please, put them under LJ-cut. And if it's icons, you may put only 1 to 3 teasers, and the rest under the cut.
3- Fanfics also need to be under LJ-cut. And also give a summary of the fic. =^^=
4- If anything has a high rating on it (like language, sexuality, nudity, etc), please, place it under an lj-cut as well, with a warning. Although the majority looks at them usually, there are some that don't wish to see it.
5- Whatever you post here, it has to be on topic. It has to do with Nataku or Gaiden. Please.
6- Write in English, please.
7- No l33t, please.

Anything is accepted here, if it has to do with Nataku, or Gaiden. And if you post something from Gensomaden/Reload/Gunlock, may it be about Nataku while in coma, or a flashback, it is also accepted.

Thank you! =^-^=

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